Highwood Pass Mondo Fondo 
Century CyclingChallenge  August 24, 2014

Always wondered if you could cycle 165 kilometres in a day but were afraid to try?  Perhaps you need a challenge and a goal to train for.  Ride over a mountain pass from both sides on the same day....a little crazy don’t you think? I can’t take any holidays but I would love to ride somewhere absolutely stunningly spectacular!  Wouldn’t it be cool to ride the highest paved road in Canada.  Is the air thinner at 7250 feet?

If any of these thoughts have passed through your mind, perhaps this ride is for you....

There won't be 10,000 riders, or timers or a lot of fanfare such as the Granfondo events offer but this is a BIG RIDE, no doubt! Climb Highwood Pass from both sides and complete 165 kilometres in a day. No one else offers it. Few riders dare to try. Take on the challenge of the Highwood Pass Mondo Fondo Century Challenge with safety, support and food supplied.

Offered by the Elbow Valley Cycle Club and coordinated by Sandra Kunzel

Welcome to the Highwood Pass Mondo Fondo Century Challenge....